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Current Research


What is the project?

We are conducting a research study to determine what contributes to fatigue of the upper leg muscles.

What are the study details?

  • Testing consists of 2 visits to UNC campus (~ 3 hours visit 1; 1.5 hours visit 2)

  • Online nutrition survey (~25 minutes completed at home)

  • We will determine how strong and how fatigable your leg muscles are

  • We will also assess your body composition which includes a DEXA scan

To participate, you must:

-  Be a healthy, male career firefighter between the ages of 18-45 years

-  No history of a major orthopedic surgery, previous knee injury, or serious pain in the lower extremities during exercise

-  No cardiovascular, metabolic, or neuromuscular diseases

-  Not be a current smoker

-  Complete 2 visits to the lab and an online survey lasting approximately 180 min (visit 1), 80 min (visit 2), and 30 min (online)

If you have a Body Mass Index (BMI) ≥ 30, you may qualify for this study. BMI = Weight (lbs) ÷ Height (in) ÷ Height (in) × 703

Contact Info:

Gena Gerstner


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